It all starts with sourcing. we get our leather from storied, reputable US tanneries that carefully

vegetable tan their hides. Chemical free, this process is more labor-intensive than modern

tanning techniques, but we at Todder believe it makes the best product. That's why we use it.

Our Tannery:
Wickett & Craig in Curwensville, Pennsylvania // Est. 1867



Trustworthy hardware is difficult to come by these days. How do we know? We have

searched long and hard to find the most robust hardware that meets Todder's high 

standards. Finally finding a process that creates products with real longevity and 

durability, we were elated to discover sand casting. This seldom used, complex artisanal

technique is both labor and time intensive, but holding quality above all else, we at 

Todder believe it's worth it.