A little bit of what we are all about

It is our mission at Gale & Hayes to design and create products that are one-of-a-kind, innovative in design, and driven by high quality standards. We celebrate individuality and the artisan's touch that so much of the industry lacks today. All our products are hand-crafted from fine leather and premium materials, and we take great pride in those minor imperfections. Natural marks on leather? Yes! The more the better. Made with love and care, your Gale & Hayes may have minor scars, folds, scuffs and marks which are natural characteristics of genuine leather and are not considered defects, but rather, beautiful. These minor marks make your bag perfectly imperfect, one-of-a-kind, and individual: just like you.


At Gale & Hayes, our passion lies not only in design, but in our commitment to being sustainable and environmentally conscious. We believe in less waste and make it our priority when we are sourcing our materials. When we are not utilizing upcycled raw materials, we are using USA vegetable tanned leathers that are chemical free to create our unique products, no two of which are alike. Supporting local business is also very important to us, which is why we source our hardware and other products within our community. This helps us to ensure the quality of our product is of the highest caliber.

Never thought you could shop and exercise social responsibility? Consider controlling the companies you support through meaningful purchases or "shopping with a cause". This can be done by supporting Gale & Hayes and other brands that follow the same business model of transparency, those who are advocates of “slow fashion.”  Today's mainstream fashion industry relies on globalized mass production, where garments are transformed from the design stage to the retail floor in only a few weeks. Slow fashion is about being purposeful, and making the deliberate choice to buy higher quality items, less often. When purchases are made, they’re environmentally and ethically conscious rather than trend-driven. At Gale & Hayes we've combined unique high-quality items with the artisan touch, that will never go out of trend. We are a timeless brand dedicated to a more conscious future.  

We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you.